No-Cost Video Production Services

  • Tired of missing filming opportunities for marching competitions?
  • Sick of shaky, poor-quality videos that cost too much?
  • Struggling to find the time to sell and collect competition video payment?

Take advantage of the free video production services from Group Travel Network!

Professional Video Production from Filming to Shipping

Quality, all-inclusive service sets our professional video production apart. Your video will include all of the day’s performances and awards for a comprehensive look at your school and your competitors. Our professional video production also includes HD video filming for ultimate video quality.

With our company, we also:

  • Handle all payment and shipping
  • Pass on zero cost to your host school
  • Include no minimum purchase requirement
Request our video production team at your next competition or event!
Our free video production includes HD video filming for superior video quality you won't believe!

How to Get Our No-Cost, No-Obligation Video Production Company Services

Our video production company professionals offer their services to you at no cost or obligation. Just tell us when and where your event is taking place. We’ll send our team to your approved marching competition as long as it is within our service area. You win twice with superior video production that costs nothing and actually generates revenue for your performance group!

Live Video Production Sales from the Leading Student Travel Company

Our live video production sales begin at the actual competition with pre-ordering, giving parents and viewers access to these videos when they are most interested. We then give parents and students a convenient online ordering option so they can make their purchase after the event as well. Payment and shipping for these orders are handled exclusively by our team, and we even give back a portion of the proceeds to your school.