What You Must Know—Student Travel Protection and Certifications for Tour Security

Student Travel Protection, Providing Coverage for European and Domestic Trips

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A huge benefit of choosing Group Travel Network is the security of knowing you have a backup plan, in the event that unexpected circumstances arise. That's why we encourage all travelers to purchase a travel protection plan, through Travel Insured International. Travel with the security of knowing you're protected every step of the way.

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 Individual Travel Protection

Student Travel Protection

Travel Insured International helps protect your group by offering student travel protection European and domestic trips require. Each plan includes 24/7 Non-Insurance Assistance Services and extensive travel protection.

It helps to know you have a backup plan. Not only do we move thousands of students every year, but also millions of dollars in instruments and uniforms. Any number of unexpected situations can happen on a trip with large student groups.

Best Insurance Coverage for your students
We carry insurance that exceeds the legal requirements, ensuring your group is protected the whole time.

Flexible Group Travel Agency Service Policies

Our group travel agency’s company policies help us deliver worry-free care that has won us many long-term clients. Planning changes and last-minute problems happen. We offer unmatched return policy flexibility, so you can schedule your trip early for the best price without worrying that you’ll be locked into an impossible contract if a conflict does arise. Unavoidable situations happen. We would much rather earn your long-term partnership than your student trip deposits.

Trust Group Travel Network’s Industry Certifications

Group Travel Network maintains a number of student travel memberships that highlight our professionalism and reliability. These certifications include membership with the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA) and the American Bus Association (ABA). We also hold many music educator association memberships throughout the country that help us stay up to date on the latest performance opportunities, and more importantly, who is judging them.

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