100TH Anniversary - Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade All-Select Band

Directed By: John Meehan

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A centennial celebration is a rare occurrence that is often celebrated with a parade. This event IS a celebration of the parade itself! The (6ABC) Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade is the OLDEST Thanksgiving Day parade in America, having debuted in 1920. 

Marching bands are an integral part of any parade and this televised event is poised to create another fantastic performance opportunity for marching bands worldwide!  The pageantry, music selections, colors, marching style, and auxiliary contributions, displayed by marching bands, help create a stunning presentation. The 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade is no exception. Dozens of qualifying high school, college and specialty bands apply for the coveted fifteen marching band positions each year. Qualifications for participation is regimented and complex. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis starting more than 1 year in advance and include demo videos, lists of notable achievements and no guarantee of inclusion. Since the three-hour live television broadcast is a very complex mix of entertainment, gigantic balloons, magnificent floats, stars, and special production numbers, only a limited number of marching bands appear in the parade and selection is slim. In other words, its hard to get in, and many smaller bands will likely never get the chance to participate in such an event simply due to size. Luckily, GTN and the parade producers have partnered to create the   "Official" ALL-SELECT Band (A combined band performance opportunity) which allows an opportunity for ALL bands to be included. Yes, that means YOU!! 

The process is simple: ALL marching bands with a minimum of 10 performing (traveling) participants are encouraged to register to participate! There's no lengthy application or demo videos required. Music will be selected and provided to each performance ensemble in advance, then rehearsed in mass, under the direction of the legendary John Meehan, in the two days leading up to the parade. 

Remember - In addition to Philadelphia’s local 6ABC/WPVI, portions of the parade are syndicated to select television stations throughout the U.S.  In 2006 the parade was broadcast in HDTV for the first time, as well as streamed over the Internet, thus providing a worldwide audience.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many groups! March in a televised parade! Study under John Meehan! Be a part of history!! Join us in Philadelphia November 25-28, 2019 for this historic event!

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