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We’ve taken student groups to almost all 50 states, but there are some places that nearly every student group has on its wish list. We’ve put them together here as our most popular student travel destinations.

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School Trips to Washington, D.C., New York and Other Favorite Spots

Whether you want an exciting school trip to NYC, an educational escape in Washington, D.C., a glamorous Hawaiian getaway or an amazing trip abroad, we feature the best destinations at the best prices. Plus, our team has been to each and every one of them, so we know all the best local spots to visit. In fact, our office is located right in the most popular student travel destination of them all–Orlando, Florida.

Best Student Travel Destinations to Fit Your Budget

We know you have a budget. We’re experts at making the best student travel destinations cost effective. With our exceptional insurance, memberships, vendor relationships and bulk buying power, we can deliver far better itineraries in the popular destinations than our competitors. You get to do more with less. The key vendors in these cities know Group Travel Network and that helps your group tremendously. Click on any one of the destinations below for more information.