Bring Home the Trophy from the Best Student Competition Events

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Student competition events and adjudicated competitions are a great rallying point for your students. Success at these competitions can even help with fundraising and recruitment for the following year.

Let Our Professionals Find You the Right Group Competition

Enjoy the perfect group competition for your student groups
We use our decades of competition scheduling experience to make sure you enjoy the destination while still performing your best.

Here’s a secret. Our team has insider connections and experience that helps you enjoy the perfect group competition for your students. With over 30 years of experience handling group competition events, we understand how these programs are scheduled and can help you plan an itinerary that works perfectly with the scheduling of these events. You get a memorable trip that includes the right balance of sightseeing and practice necessary to perform at your best.

With lengthy setup, judging and practice times, you could spend most of your trip waiting around instead of enjoying all the destination has to offer. Choose our student travel company that has been there many times and knows how to pack the most excitement into your competition getaway. We have a long history and direct communication with most festival coordinators. You get the scheduling details you need to squeeze the most excitement into every day.

We Put Your Competition Group in the Right Competitive Event

How good is your group’s resume? Besides offering great competition group opportunities, we help you improve your chances of entering these major competitive events. Many of these bigger group competitions require extensive applications before being invited. Our team features years of experience helping performance groups put together powerful applications for high acceptance rates into adjudicated competitions.

Ask about our track record of getting student performance groups like yours into the most popular adjudicated competitions. These judged competitions include Orlando’s Music USA Festivals, OrlandoFest, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee’s Smoky Mountain Music Festival.