Celebrate Graduation with Sensational Senior Class Trips

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Cap your high school career by choosing from unforgettable senior class trips that let you celebrate the end of one chapter of your life and start the exciting beginning of another!

Package all details of your trip for large or small groups
Let our travel professionals handle all the planning details so graduating seniors can have a safe, worry-free time.

Memorable High School Class Trips for Large or Small Group Travel

Our student group travel company services are designed to save you the time and hassle of planning a trip yourself. Whether you’re looking for large or small group travel, our customized itineraries and decades of planning experience allow us to design a trip around your senior class. Plus, we have well-established vendor and business relationships that let us get the best prices and bulk buyer deals!

We can package all of your trip details in a manner that makes it easier for your school administration to review and approve. And if you’re a parent, our carefully planned itineraries account for every hour of your child’s trip. Feel the security of knowing we feature exceptional insurance, certifications, and memberships that guarantee the safest trip possible.

Student Group Travel and Group Cruises in the Best Destinations

Enjoy the company of your classmates in an unforgettable destination. One look at the reviews from our thrilled clients and it’s easy to see why our student group travel company is a leader in creating amazing getaways like international tours and group cruises in world-famous destinations.

Our Group Travel Tours Use the Right Travel and Lodging Companies

We’ll tell you something other student travel companies won’t: Not all hotels and bus companies embrace senior class trips. But some do, and we know the ones that want your business. If you book a hotel that historically hasn’t been accepting of senior class trips, your trip will start off on the wrong foot. Count on us to guide you to the right hotels and transportation companies that welcome your business and will work to make your trip enjoyable.

Worry-Free Senior Trips Start at Our Student Travel Agency

Whether you’re looking for group cruises on luxury ships or an exhilarating outing at the world’s most famous theme parks, we outperform our competitors with our service and experience. You’re a graduating senior ready to celebrate. Let our professionals handle the travel planning responsibility. With destination planning, itinerary development, travel reservations, lodging accommodations and meal planning services, we take care of every trip detail. You enjoy great memories without worrying about the annoying details that get in the way of your fun!