International Tours that Let Students See the World

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A lot of student travel companies in the U.S. avoid international travel for students. We don’t. We deliver the one-of-a-kind getaway only an overseas escape can provide.

Stress-Free Student Travel Abroad

Stress-free and safe international travel
We use bulk buyer discounts to save you on your international travel costs, then protect you with exceptional insurance coverage once you arrive.

For stress-free student travel abroad that adventurers of every age will love, schools, class leadership and parents turn to our dedicated team at Group Travel Network. With our decades of planning experience, we know the destinations and activities groups will love. Our customized itineraries let us create the perfect plan that accounts for your budget and group preferences.

Our bulk buying student travel company can help your group get low-cost student flights to international destinations. Spend less money getting there so you can enjoy more incredible experiences when you arrive. Once you arrive, we have our professional tour representatives alongside your group every step of the way to make sure you get the safest, most memorable overseas escape possible. We also feature powerful travel memberships and insurance coverage exceeding legal requirements, ensuring your group is fully protected. Enjoy a completely stress-free international escape.