LEGOLAND® Florida is a 150-acre interactive theme park dedicated to families with children between the ages of 2 and 12. With more than 50 rides, shows and attractions and the LEGOLAND Water Park, LEGOLAND is geared towards family fun! LEGOLAND® Florida is open daily, but is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday during specific periods.

School Group Programs 
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) visits include:

  • FunLEGO building with LEGOLAND Staff! Standards-based and fine-tuned to your grade level.
  • Appliedlearning on life-sized machines – our rides!
  • TeacherGuides:  Standards-based, before andafter visit worksheets.
  • Educationalprograms are 45-minute long sessions.
  • Educationalresource guides are provided which outline different activities throughout theentire Park.
  1. EnergyLab – Build asolar-powered car or ride!  Collect,store and transfer solar energy to power your vehicle!  Gradeappropriate building activity. Program uses Simple and MotorizedMechanisms and Renewable Energy LEGO Education Sets.
  2. Robotics for Young Beginners - Students will understand introductoryconcepts of robotics using motors and sensors. Build a Florida alligator andmake it move! Program uses WeDoRobotics LEGO Education set.
  3. LEGO® MINDSTORMS: Dr. Heartbeat - Join Dr. Heartbeat and the NXT-bots to complete avariety of life-saving operations and medical procedures using a computer,light and sound sensors and motors. 
  4. Get Moving! - The forces are with you. Discover friction, inertia and wind resistance.Build a car, see the forces at work, and predict which car will win the raceand why!
  5. LEGO® MINDSTORMS: Adventure Bot - Go on a mission using the Adventure-bots to retrievegolden marble treasures and hide them from the treasure hunters using acomputer, light and sound sensors and motors.