Disney Y.E.S. Programs

Disney Youth Education Series programs take place in the information-rich setting of the Disney Parks in Florida  to give students –and their teachers– a hands-on, educational adventure. This collection of guided field studies, available in Applied Sciences, Environmental Studies, Liberal Arts and Leadership Development, is accredited, standards-based and designed to reinforce your classroom lessons.

Educational Options Include:

  • Production Arts and Science
  • Physics: Properties of Motion
  • Ocean Discoveries
  • Millennium Cultures
  • Making Waves with a Marine Career
  • Showbiz Magic at La Nouba
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Wild by Nature
  • Synergy in Science
  • Magic Behind the Show: Improv and Teamwork
  • Animation Magic
  • Dynamics of Technology
  • Emerging Leadership: Discover the Power of You
  • Captivating Moments: Images with Impact
  • Keepers of the Kingdom
  • How Things Move
  • Everyday Chemistry
  • Physics: Energy of Waves