You’re On in 5! Exciting Performance Trips for High School & Middle School Bands, Choirs, Orchestras and Dance Teams

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For the best marching band competitions and performance opportunities in world-famous destinations, nobody beats our student travel company. Whether you’re planning a band trip, chorus competition getaway or another amazing performance group escape, we have the experience and connections to send you to the best places at the best price.

Take the Stage at the Best Band and Chorus Competition

These are just some of the amazing destinations we offer for band and chorus competitions:

  • Walt Disney World
  • The Statue of Liberty Trip
    The Statue of Liberty
  • Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor
  • Carnegie Hall
    Carnegie Hall
  • The Alamo
    The Alamo
  • Universal Studios
    Universal Studios
Extensive knowledge and experience for your group's trip
We use over 10 years of experience to give you incredible performance trips that include behind-the-scenes tours of these world-famous destinations.

Enjoy much more than the performance. During our trips, you get the behind-the-scenes tour at these incredible escapes. Imagine the thrill students will feel while telling friends and family about taking the stage at these world-famous destinations. Find out how easy it is to become the central attraction at these amazing places!

Our Group Travel Agency Helps You Put On Your Best Performance

Live performances before huge crowds can be stressful. That’s where our group travel agency’s experience comes in. With over 10 years of experience sending students to the most famous landmarks to perform, we’ll prepare you for what to expect so you put on the best show possible.

Besides our trip security, hassle-free planning and vendor connections that save you money, we offer free application assistance to ensure you get your first destination choice. And with our customized itineraries, you get a completely customized experience that accounts for your group’s unique interests and makes the most of your time and money. Unlike our competitors, we never cram you into a one-size-fits-all trip itinerary that fails to excite. Discover the thrilling details on some of our featured performance destinations below!